The live-broadcast of "Earth's prayers" world premiere from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.
Please visit "Earth's prayers" composition dedicated page.

The video-recording of the unforgettable world premiere of the concert piece for mixed choir
"На Страстной | Na Strastnoy" from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.


For additonal information, please visit "На Страстной | Na Strastnoy " project-page.

The video-jingle of festival Klassiek op het Amstelveld with special guests Igor Roma and Nikola Meeuwsen on grand. Visit the project page here

Video recording and edit: Andras Hamelberg
Sound recording and mastering: 2-Xite
Co-production: Concinnitas Foundation
Sponsoring: Babs Appels Interieurarchitectuur

The trailer of cross-media performance Cloud-Messenger



The documentary BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS demonstrates some many surprising ways in which the blockflute (recorder) has developed, from Frans Brüggen in the 1960s until today. This movie Includes some fragment of the Cloud Messenger, the cross-media project for blockflutes with extended mixed media and an interview by Alfred Momotenko.



Throughout this film, we get to know a range of Dutch blockflute icons, and their own visions for this hugely versatile instrument.

Commissioned and produced by: VisiSonor Foundation, financial support by Concinnitas Foundation.

Interviews with: Walter van Hauwe, Jorge Isaac, Roderik de Man, Kees Boeke and Alfred Momotenko

Length: 35 minutes

More information at Blockflute Masters

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