Although the piece carries the name of a number, nor the structure or the philosophy behind it is mathematical. Even from it: this is an emotional and metaphysical work.
A major request from the international Festival November Music was the reason to actually "formulate" this into a composition and to present it in 2007, a very beautiful, but meanwhile a horrible year for the composer.

Later the instrumentation was enlarged by a church organ, which can be used if wished. The fragment below is from a recording of the version with the church organ, performed by Rob Nederhof (NL) and the M&M Orchestra (BE), a music-robots ensemble from Logos Foundation, assisted by Kristof Lauwers. This was part of a extensive "Composer in residence" project at Orgelpark Amsterdam, follow this link if it would interest you.

This recording will be released soon and by then available in our store and about 300 other music online distributors. Please stay tuned.

Instrumentation: ensemble, details here & fixed media or church organ, ensemble & fixed media, details here
ranges: standard
language: inapplicable
duration of work: ca. 05:45
sample duration: 02:49
performing difficulty level: 3

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