"Liquid pArTs" at
Orgelpark Amsterdam

Liquid pArTs is a contemporary musical portrayal of the fluid circulation that could be understood as a synonym of a life cycle.

How does something transform into fluid? In what manner do the first molecules come together and how do they alter to condense? What is the way of the first droplets after their birth and how do they combine later together, making fluid bubbles and finally become a precipitation? And what then?

The world premiere of "Liquid pArTs" is spectated full of attention during the "Composer in residence" project at Orgelpark Amsterdam, please follow this link if you wish.

The recording of this work will be released and available soon in our store and about 300 other music online distributors. Please stay tuned.
Instrumentation: string quartet
ranges: professional range
language: inapplicable
duration of work: ca. 12:45
sample duration: 03:00
performing difficulty level: 4

more about "Liquid pArTs" in our store: here