When the Art and science meet each other very closely, the result could become very irrational...

Would an experienced listener hear the difference between a "proportion system" and an "artistic system", which is only far suggested by the first mentioned one? Is there a major audible difference between the language of rigid proportion-numbers, like "Phi" and a language with no proportions at all?

To find it out, have a closer look at this very, very labor-intensive, but grateful, both for the composer and the artist co-operation. The audience has to "work" as well to aurally determine the difference. The most important question is: can the listener follow an "irrational story" or sound fantasy in this piece too?

"Irrational Philosophy" commissioned by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and VisiSonor Foundation, performed by Jorge Isaac (VE/NL) and visual designed by Marcel Wierckx (CA/NL). More wisdom about this piece is on the project page (closes this float).

This version of the recording will be released and available soon in our store and about 300 other music online distributors. Please stay tuned.

Instrumentation: blockflute (soprano) & new media
range: extended range (also on the mouth piece only)
language (of the score): English
duration of work: ca. 12:12
sample duration: 02:05
performing difficulty level: 5+

more about "Irrational Philosophy" in our store: here