Chimeras are statues that one can find on churches and cathedrals as hybrid monsters with attributes of lions, dragons, snakes, bulls of different animals. In spite of their really creepy aspects these monsters have an important roll in the architecture and religion: to guard and preserve the buildings from bad spirits and evils.

Chimeras are shadows of the Reality and therefore this composition uses the idea of “taking over” and repeating of a motif with changing of the “colors” and altering of the positions in the space.

"Chimeres II" are participated the "Composer in residence" project at the Orgelpark Amsterdam, follow this link if you if you wish.

The recording of "Chimeres" will be released and available soon in our store and about 300 other music online distributors. Please stay tuned.
Instrumentation: Grand Piano solo & fixed media
ranges: full range
language: inapplicable
duration of work: c.a. 08:33
sample duration: 04:21
performing difficulty level: 4
included media: yes
more about "Chimeres II" in our store: here