Earths prayers, filled with shadows of sorrow, a companion piece to "Das Lied von den Erde" by Gustav Mahler.

Danco Konsonanco, the winner of Prix Annelie de Man and Ensemble Black Pencil Prize, Amsterdam 2018!

"На Страстной | Na Strastnoy ", epopee for mixed choir. Companion composition to Sergej Rachmaninov's " All Night Vigil ", op 37. Based on the eponymous poem from the diptych "Doktor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak.

Les vingt doigts, a quatre mains to celebrate Mastership, in commission of festival Klassiek op het Amstelveld, with the very special guests Igor Roma (IT) and Nikola Meeuwsen (NL) on grand.

Cecilia, composition for large mixed choir in honor of the Western spiritual and vocal tradition, including a physical and digital CD release.

Cent Silences, a sound sculptrure dedicated to the victims of the WWI.

Cloud-Messenger, an extended cross-media project for music, dance, animation and surround audio electronics.

Réflexions de la mer, the mallets and the sea. If you wish to hear the music of the sea that is delicate combined with contemporary music for mallets, please pay attention to this project.

Irrational Philosophy, a super criss-cross-media project for blockflute, acousmatic and extreme virtuous music, visual design, numbers, systems and confusions, cynicism and a serious humour, an intersection of science and Art, but all together just about of telling of a particular story, a Sound Fantasy.
This project is available on a single CD or digitally through our Store or other world wide known distributors.

Orgelpark, Alfred Momotenko - composer in residence, a concert with 11 music-robots and 25 musiians. This concert is available on a double CD or digital through our Store