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To the Silence 01:10 String Orchestra
Cent Silences 01:46 Sound scuplture & mixed media
Cecilia 01:11 Mixed choir
Cloud-Messenger Trailer 01:28 basset blockflute & and fixed surround media with animation
Dance around the Tree 00:45 basset- & tenor blockflutes combined with fixed surround media & live processing with animation
No sleep, nor wake 01:20 soprano-, alto- & tenor blokflutes with fixed surround media combiden with live processing & animation
Thundamned 01:28 contrabas blockflute, fixed surround media, live processing & animation
Damping Words 01:15 contrabass-, basset-, tenor blockflutes, live voice with fixed surround media combined with live processing & animation
Wandering Thoughts 01:05 fixed surround audio media with animation
Dust against the Wind 00:52 Garklein- & soprano blokfluiten with fixed surround media & live processing
Reflexions de la mer 01:37 2 bass marimba's, vibraphone & stereo fixed audio
Irrational Philosophy 02:05 block flute & surround audio
Ingetogen 02:06 voice & piano
Essere preso nel gorgo della passione 02:12 string quartet & percussion
Au clair de la lune 01:57 4-part vocal ensemble & fixed surround audio media
Viginti Unus 02:24 ensemble & surround audio
Chimeres II 02:52 grand piano & surround audio
Chimeres III 01:59 11 robots ensemble
Audience 01:42 string octet
Der letzte Traum 02:08 wind quintet
L. Ectra 01:33 5 synthesizers ensemble
Liquid pArts 02:57 string quartet
Les ondes de l'escarpolette 01:37 grand piano solo
VariA 02:57 pianotrio
Eneato 01:10 violin or viola solo
Drinklied 02:34 voice & vibraphone