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Jury VSB Composition Prize

Jury 150-Years-of-Music-Technology Composition Competition Prize

Dutch newspaper "Volkskrant"

Festival "Klassiek op het Amstelveld"

Dr. Hans Koch, historian of Art

Roderik de Man, Dutch composer of contemporary music

Willem Jeths, the Dutch "Componist des Vaderlands"

Igor Roma, Italian Master-pianist

Radio 6, VPRO Radio concert live, Cafe Sonore Program

Below two excerpts from Dutch TV program "Vrije Geluiden" with the scenes
"Dance around the Tree" (thumbnail left) and "Thundamned" (right) from the
cross-media project Cloud-Messenger for blockflutes, surround sound media,
choreography and animation, perfomed by Jorge Isaac (block-flutes),
Gilles Viandier (dance), Daniela Lehmann (virtual dance), Jasper Kuipers
(animation), Hans Tuerlings (choreography):

"Dance around the Tree" live and

"Thundamned" at Vrije Geluiden

Other mentions:

Review (in Dutch) by publicist and musicologist Thea Derks at VPRO, blog Radio 4,
view the PDF file

Additional interpretation (in Dutch) of The Cloud-Messenger by media-presenter
Lon van den Akker, VPRO broadcast:
read here

Another review (in Dutch) of the project Cloud Messenger by freelance-writer
and publicist Bregtje Schudel:
view the PDF file